Custom Solutions is a personalized approach to improving supply chain efficiency. Our goal is to make your business run effortlessly. When you partner with Infinity Fasteners, you will be supplied with quality products and quality customer service. We listen and act on our customer’s behalf.

-The Infinity Fasteners Team

Managing your inventory can be a Challenge. Reduce the worry and stress!

Have our sales team find ways to increase efficiencies and improve overall productivity for your company. Discover how you can reduce your vendor base, decrease the number of items inventoried and reduce associated costs.

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Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)

Let Us Handle It!

Infinity Fasteners can manage your inventory! Don't worry about the hassle of stocking your inventory any longer. Here is a snap shot of how we can establish a VMI program for you.

How it Works

  • Identify items for your VMI program
  • Provide the best sourcing available
  • Establish an approval process to automate orders
  • Schedule replenishment orders based on your guidelines
  • QA items prior to delivery
  • Provide accurate and on-time delivery

Customer Managed Inventory (CMI)

Want to keep you inventory management in house?

We will help you identify time and cost saving solutions to improve inventory efficiencies. Then our team will show you how to implement inventory programs you can manage in house.

Industrial Vending Machines

Infinity Fasteners, Inc is excited to offer our customers "New" technology to handle their inventory.

  • Unit Customization
  • PIN or Card Swipe Login
  • Real Time Inventory Reporting
  • Low Stock Alerts Via Email or Text
  • Automated Orders
  • Powered by WI-FI or Verizon Network
  • 2 Differnet Models Available
  • Program Custom Restrictions
  • Cash Transactions Available
  • 24 Hr Support
  • 1 Year Warranty

Why Choose Vending Technology

This sophisticated inventory control system allows you to have an accurate visual of your inventory while cutting down on time & labor. Eliminate excessive consumption of inventory as well as improve overall productivity.


Reduce Cost & Line Items

Purchasing individual parts intended for an assembly can be time consuming and costly. Let Infinity Fasteners procure all items intended for assembly, then provide you with one complete part.


Order a variety of parts in one package with one-part number. Kits will include part numbers and lists of items included. Also choose from options to include a barcode, instructions, material certs. and more.

There is an Order Solution to fit your company. Just like in everything we do efficiency is key, we have made ordering from Infinity Fasteners as easy as possible. We are currently adding new ways to place orders and submit quote request. Look through our options and find one that will fit your company’s specific needs.


Streamline and automate the order process. EDI ensures fast and secure handling of your orders. Reduce costs and lower the error rate of manual data exchange. Request EDI Requirements

Custom Forms

We customize order and shipping paper work to mirror your own forms. Eliminate the hassle of searching for important information on the following paper work.

  • Acknowledgments
  • Invoices
  • Packing Slips

Item Numbers

Have your item numbers cross referenced with our item numbers. When you place an order with your part number we can ensure you will receive the correct item.

Blanket Orders

Set multiple ship dates for the same price of materials.

No Minimum Order Requirements

We require no minimum quantity or price on orders. Order what you need not what you have to.

We promise your Infinity Fasteners orders will arrive on time and in excellent condition. Look through our packing standards as well as options to customize your shipments.

Premium Packaging

We take great care in our packaging, we want to make sure your order will arrive in premium condition.

  • Durable packaging with a bursting test of 350 lbs.
  • Our boxes 3/4 keg boxes are capable of holding 120 lbs but we never pack more than 60 lbs of product.
  • Each Pallet Is Banded & Wrapped

Custom Labels & Packaging

Request custom labels to include all the information need in your receiving department. You can also request specific packing instructions special projects

Color Coded Reference Guide

All cartons are numbered and color coded, we then cross reference each item on the packing list with the coordinating number and color.

LTL Shipment Photos

For every LTL shipment, photos are sent documenting the condition your order left our warehouse in.